Roofing FAQ’s

How long should a roof last?

Like any building component, roofs degrade at different rates depending on a large number of factors: the quality of original construction, the level of abuse, the level of maintenance, appropriateness of design, etc. So how long should a roof last? We have seen poorly designed and installed roofs go as few as six or seven years before they failed, and we have seen old coal tar built up roofs that were over 20 years old. Most building owners, roofing contractors, and designers feel 20 years is an acceptable service life.

Should I have my roof inspected annually or semi-annually?

Although roof inspections and preventative maintenance are not a substitute for a warranty, our experienced crew members can detect and repair any potential problems that could lead to extensive roof damage and/or replacement.

Can you install a new roof over the existing roof?

Yes, but the preferred method is removal. Removal allows for inspection of the substrate, and the elimination of any wet, rough, and/or unstable existing materials.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, we provide written estimates free of charge.